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Stevens Point, WI Hotels - Looking for a Room? Consider this!

Why to try an alternative to a hotel next time you visit Stevens Point, Wisconsin.


Which Would You Prefer When You Visit Stevens Point WI—a Hotel or a Bed and Breakfast?

By Bonnie Maher, Owner
Dreams of Yesteryear Bed and Breakfast

If you are the kind of traveler who automatically looks for a hotel when looking for a place to lay your head at the end of a hard day of travel, you ought to know that there is an alternative to the usual hotel.  There’s a place where unique lodging, interesting

Stevens Point hotel alternative - an antique queen-sized bed at Dreams of Yesteryear

décor, a gourmet breakfast, and warm hospitality come together. There’s a place where a business or pleasure traveler who’s miles away from family can feel a little closer to home.  The special place I describe is a bed and breakfast (commonly referred to as a B&B), and I invite you to consider it as an alternative to a Stevens Point hotel when you visit.

Since my husband Bill and I have owned the Dreams of Yesteryear Bed and Breakfast for over 31 years, we’ve met many wonderful people through talking and visiting with our guests.  It’s seems that once people stay at our bed and breakfast, they never want to stay in a hotel again.  In general, people who are innkeepers of their own bed and breakfast are outgoing, helpful, and aim to please.  But until you’ve stayed in a bed and breakfast, you won’t know what you’re missing.  Let me tell you a little about bed and breakfasts and see if you wouldn’t rather stay at a B&B instead of a hotel.

What Stevens Point hotels and bed and breakfasts have in common, and some differences

A bed and breakfast and a hotel are in many ways alike and in many ways different.  Be assured, both establishments must be licensed and routinely inspected—and yes, collect room tax and sales tax.  We even target much of the same audience with our marketing.  The biggest difference is that a bed and breakfast is usually (although not always) someone’s home and the owners in many cases reside on the premises.  Because it is a private home you’ll find the owner’s furniture, china, and linens reflect their personality.  The B&B may be an old historic home, a farm, or a new home with a beautiful view. 

The people who frequent bed and breakfasts tend to be well adjusted, respectful folks who enjoy the quiet slower pace, romantic atmosphere, or the diversity that a B&B can offer.  Every B&B is unique.  In the case of Dreams of Yesteryear, our guests are often people who enjoy touring and hearing the history of our National Historic Register house. With the ease of using the internet, it’s easy to find a B&B that’s right for you.  Just type in the name of the city or area you’re visiting and the words “bed and breakfast” and you’ll see a list of B&B’s to choose from.  A helpful bed and breakfast internet site will describe the B&B and have pictures of the rooms so you can select the room that fits your needs and price range.  Like the hotels in Stevens Point, our bed and breakfast as well as many B&B’s, have private baths, wireless internet connection and cable TV in rooms—amenities the hotel traveler is accustomed to.  As you research a bed and breakfast, you’ll find that generally innkeepers prefer that guests call, email or make a reservation on line before arriving at their bed and breakfast. Every B&B has their own reservation and cancellation policy; so check with the innkeeper when you inquire to make a reservation.  Having said that, if you’re in Stevens Point and happen to drive by, don’t be afraid to stop and see if there’s a vacancy at Dreams of Yesteryear.

What the alternative experience to a Stevens Point hotel is like

When you get to your B&B you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the personal greeting you’ll receive.  You’ll be instructed as to where to park your vehicle and given a key or code for the door so you may come and go as you please without the fear of being locked out.  You’ll decide on a breakfast time and discuss any special diet restrictions you may have.   You’ll find most bed and breakfasts can accommodate most diets.  But, hopefully you won’t be on a diet.  The second half of “bed and breakfast” is “breakfast” and some folks say that’s the best part.

At Dreams of Yesteryear, we share with guests an assortment of restaurant menus as well as our collection of local brochures and maps acquired through the Stevens Point Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Innkeepers are always ready to give directions to favorite shops, restaurants, golf, or a whole array of places of interest.  It’s kind of like having your own personal concierge.  Some bed and breakfast owners welcome guests to their establishment by offering a glass of wine or refreshment.  This is a great time to get to know the owners, find out about the area, and even get a personal tour of an historic house.  At Dreams of Yesteryear we’re always willing to share the history of our home and our lifetime knowledge of our town.  However, if you’re tired and really just want to rest, it’s okay to not want to chat.  Innkeepers can “pick up on that.”  After all, bed and breakfasts are a place to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Impressions from guests who choose our B&B over a hotel in Stevens Point

So whether you’re a seasoned B&B traveler or a novice to the B&B experience, you’re no doubt the kind of person who doesn’t mind trying something different.  Seasoned B&B travelers have experienced the difference between a hotel and a B&B.  They’ve enjoyed the warmth and friendliness of a bed and breakfast and look forward to each stay at a B&B as a welcome alternative to a Stevens Point hotel.  First time B&B travelers often discover a B&B through hap and circumstance.  Some have read the ads in magazines or heard others talk about their stay at a neat B&B and look forward to experiencing a B&B for themselves.  Then there are those folks who probably have never even considered staying at a B&B and instinctively look for a hotel when traveling. It’s when all the hotels in their travel area are full that the first time bed and breakfast guest might reach for the yellow pages and call a B&B.  Or, the first time bed and breakfast traveler might be someone who comes to a bed and breakfast because a relative or friend, a frequent bed and breakfast traveler, gave them a gift certificate for a stay at a B&B as a birthday or Christmas present.  Be assured, either way, seasoned or first time B&B travelers are always welcome at a bed and breakfast. 

What to expect when you choose a Bed and Breakfast in Stevens Point

What happens when you get to the B&B?  If you’re a first time B&B traveler, you may arrive at your B&B unsure of what to do or even where to sit. But given a few moments after you arrive, a good host or hostess will put your fears and inhibitions to rest. And, if you’re used to the usual hotel, it won’t take long to realize that the guest room you’ve selected no way resembles or smells like a hotel.  Your room will probably be decorated in a theme or in a particular style in keeping with the house décor or the owner’s personal taste. In the privacy of your room, you’ll enjoy the change of atmosphere from a hotel and at some point wonder why would a homeowner allow strangers in their home.  And after settling in a bit, you may wonder, “why haven’t I done this before?” After a restful night’s sleep in a comfortable antique or traditional bed, you’ll awake in the morning to the smell of coffee brewing, cinnamon rolls baking, or potatoes frying as your breakfast is being created. You’ll come down to a gourmet meal fit for a king or queen, served in a beautiful dining room set with real china and cloth napkins.  It’s here where you may meet other guests who have also stayed the night.  You’ll find yourself engaged in conversation with people you probably have never met but seem to have a lot in common with.  This may be the turning point when as a first time B&B traveler you now become a convert to the bed and breakfast way of travel and look forward to experiencing a variety of bed and breakfasts.  At check-out time you’ll feel like you’ve made new friends and wonderful memories.

If you’re a “seasoned” B&B traveler or if this is your first B&B experience, you’ll find bed and breakfasts owners will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and your stay enjoyable.  I hope that as you travel you’ll make a special effort to stay at a bed and breakfast.  You’ll find that even though hotels may advertise comfortable beds and even include breakfast, there is no way they can offer the amenities and personal attention that you’ll receive at a bed and breakfast.  And certainly, when you decide to stay at a bed and breakfast, make Dreams of Yesteryear your choice as a unique alternative to a Stevens Point hotel.


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